Total Hours Watched By Platform - MENA Regaion Q4 2020


With 2020 now behind us we’ve been able to access the data for December and with that comes our new Q4 2020 Summary Report into game streaming and viewership for the MENA region. This report differs from previous ones with some top level data on NonoLive, a streaming platform that has started to heavily impact Twitch and YouTube viewership.

Over the past few months NonoLive has been signing deals and helping some of the top streamers migrate to their platform and the audience has followed. Saudi streamer Shongxbong was one of the first, which we highlighted in our Q3 report. When reviewing the Q4 data we saw a drop-off in number of hours streamed by some of the previous top streamers and then saw them in the data for NonoLive.

This has enabled us to complete a platform comparison for the top 10 streamers on each platform while we continue our drill down in country vs. country comparisons on YouTube.

The report can be downloaded over on the report page here.

Philip Wride