Mental Resistance Training

Winning isn’t just based on your skills in the server – it’s also based on your mental resistance to adversity and how you deal with the challenges you face in every match. We’ve teamed up with Mind Body Fusion, a company specialising in Mental Resistance Training, to help teams, players and coaches develop their mental resilience.

The course is provided as a series of video tutorials, worksheets and and mental workouts to help players develop and prepare. Players are provided with access to an online portal so they have constant access to the tools.

An example module from the course:

Episode 1: The basics of building confidence and certainty (10 -15 minutes in length)
• Learning how to perform “mental reps”
• Learning about building momentum in performances for consistent performances
• Building a simple routine to be consistent with practicing mental reps

Benefits of this program:

  1. Enhance mental performance of gamers in performance
  2. Building lifestyle habits that allow gamers to be resilient leaders
  3. Building social skills to become more marketable athletes
  4. Building consistency in performance through habits and mental skills
  5. Bettering the life habits of individuals on a day to day basis

At the end of the course players will be able to apply their mental resistance training in matches to deliver improved performance.

A 1o-week program with access to 15 online modules, Mind-Body Fusion Coaches monitoring the online reflective work completed by the players and in-season progress reports starts from $2,900 USD per player.

Other options include a 20-week program, 52-week program and programs designed specifically for coaches.

Players can access video content via their mobile and the online portal also includes quizzes, report cards, progress meters and the ability to store important notes.

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This program is broken down into two phases: a “base” phase, and “enhancement” phase. Just like with physical training/skill building, there must be a base of skill before an enhancement occurs. Where many get it wrong with the mental side of performance is that they do not take the time to build a base before enhancing the skills. As a result, players often find themselves in a place where they do not have great success in applying their skills in performance.

The “base” phase is all about developing the essential lifestyle habits that allow players to build consistency within their performance. The reason we focus on habits is because we need to get the gamers into a state of winning before they apply any kind of mental skills. The base phase consists of building routine, fixing body language to enhance their mental game, building a strong level of confidence, and building a strong level of certainty. It helps gamers find their identity, and more importantly understand how to maintain it for the long run.

The “enhancement” phase is all about building on the basics of the confidence and certainty developed in the base phase. This is where we introduce more of the “mental skills,” that are required to adapt to tough situations, and build a strong focus, in performance. Simply put, there’s an enhancement of the base skills where we can now tap into things like building an Alter Ego, establishing Triggers, dealing with pressure, etc. It’s crucial at this point to introduce challenge to the gamers and to help them regularly push themselves out of their comfort zones so they can level up and take action across multiple different scenarios. – Matthew Caldaroni, Mind Body Fusion