Arabic streaming is growing across Youtube and Twitch. We provide regular summaries of the top streamers and viewership thanks to our friends at Streamhatchet.

These arabic streaming summaries do comparisons between Youtube and Twitch and identify potential opportunities for brands who want to work with streamers.

Arabic Streaming Summary – 15th July

Fortnite and PUBG Mobile reclaim the majority of the ranking positions this week but we see a change of focus on Youtube.

Youtube has more Fortnite streamers than PUBG

Looking through the top 10 and a longer list of streamers on Youtube this week was definitely a week for Fortnite. 6 of the top 10 streamers were playing Fortnite with the other 4 playing PUBG.
The usual suspects are there with Aeod 1407 topping the list playing PUBG while Haman391 is there playing Fortnite. […]

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Arabic Streaming Summary – 8th July 2019

The latest update to Grand Theft Auto made a splash this week as several Fortnite streamers on Twitch switched to GTA.

PUBG still strong on Youtube but GTA makes an impact

Aeod 1407 kept the top spot this week with PUBG while Jordanian streamer NHSN Fox kept second place thanks to his 97 hours of streaming and 45K Total Hours Watched. This is fewer hours streamed but more hours watched than last week. Haman391 made the list again with his 2-hour stream and […]

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Arabic Streaming Summary – 24th June to 7th July 2019

Now that the school summer break has started we’ve compiled a 2 week review from the 24th June up to the 7th July. This provides an opportunity to see whether streamers have longer airtime and whether the viewership has increased.

Aeod 1407 nearly doubles hours watched with same airtime

We highlighted Saudi Arabian streamer Aeod1407 in our Youtube streaming summary for 17th June. He continues to sit at the No.1 position with his Total Hours Watched almost doubling for the week of 24th […]

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Arabic Streaming Summary – 17th June 2019

This week PUBG Mobile continued to dominate the streaming on Youtube while Fortnite did the same on Twitch.

Aeod 1407 has established Youtube dominance

Saudi Arabian streamer Aeod 1407 claims the No.1 spot for the 4th week based on the Total Hours Watched for the stream. While the Total Hours Watched is slightly lower than last week they did stream for fewer hours. On the positive side, the ACCV did increase this week.


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Arabic Streaming Summary – 10th June 2019

Viewership for the top Arabic Youtube streamers has seen further changes this week with re-entries, new names and a slide in viewership numbers. On Twitch the top streamer for the past two weeks didn’t stream

Youtube viewership stays low with reduced focus on PUBG Mobile

Streamer aeod 1407 continues as the No.1 of the top Arabic Youtube streamers for the 3rd week in a row with 88K Total Hours Watched from his 45 hours of streaming during the week. This is more Hours […]

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