After a little break over the summer we’re back with another Arabic streaming summary. This report is for the week of 8th September.

PUBG Mobile hasn’t shifted on Youtube

Although we took a short break PUBG Mobile hasn’t. It is still the game being streamed by the majority of the top 10 streamers on Youtube.
Most of the familiar names are still in the top 10 with a few changes. Mohamed Adel is a new name and represents Egypt. For the UAE we have Edrees Sharifi entering into the top 10.

Not surprisingly aeod 1407 has kept the top spot and Haman391 is still going with the short streaming sessions.
The biggest change from previous weeks of reporting is in the numbers. Aeod1407 streamed for fewer hours last week. This has meant a drop in Total Hours Watched and a slight drop in ACV. For the rest of the top 10 streamers the story is similar. Lower THW and ACV coinciding with fewer hours being streamed.

Youtube Arabic Streamers - 8th Sept 2019


New Call of Duty demo impacts Twitch

With the release of the Call of Duty demo we saw 2 of the top 10 streamers make the switch. Grand Theft Auto also continued to be present with 3 of the top 10 streamers playing. Fortnite saw a drop to 2 of the top 10 playing.

RakanooLive continued as the most watched for THW but shongxbong wasn’t far behind. Playing the Call of Duty demo shongxbong managed an ACV of 4.6K and streamed for fewer hours than RakanooLive. For the rest of the top 10 the figures are positive despite the drop in THW for RakanooLive.

Twitch Arabic Streamers - 8th Sept 2019


Youtube and Twitch Comparison

Youtube THW Youtube ACCV Twitch THW Twitch ACCV
Week of 8th September 220,000 2251 272,000 1721
Week of 22nd July 291,000 2383 323,000 1683


Twitch’s top 10 streamers all generated more than 10K THW last week. This gave Twitch a higher THW figure but Youtube still wins on the ACV thanks to Haman391.

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Philip Wride