Our latest Arabic streaming summary answers some key questions about viewership preferences on Youtube and Twitch. This comes following the launch of FIFA20 and as Fortnite Season 10 comes to an end.

Fortnite Season 10 squashes PUBG Mobile on Youtube

Throughout the time we’ve been creating these streaming summaries PUBG Mobile has always been a constant. However, with Fortnite Season 10 coming to an end we can see a switch in focus for the top streamers. Haman391 streamed for 3 times as long (6 hrs) as normal and jumped to the top of the top 10 list. His ACV saw a huge increase from previous summaries with a total of 36K. This contributed to 218K Total Hours Watched on his account.

Regular No.1 on the ranking aeod1407 slipped to 3rd this week and a new entrant from Saudi grabbed the No.2 spot. ABO KYAN came in at No.2 and managed an ACV of 6K which helped generate 41K THW. As with Haman391 the game of choice was Fortnite.

The Fortnite streamers didn’t stream for that long but the high ACV drove strong THW numbers compared against the PUBG Mobile streamers.

8 of the top 10 streamers are from Saudi Arabia with the other 2 from Bahrain and UAE.

Youtube Arabic Streamers - 16th Oct 2019


FIFA20 sees some success on Twitch

FIFA20 was released at the end of September and initial viewing figures were reasonable. A few weeks after launch and there are still 3 streamers in the top 10 who have been streaming the game.

The top spots are familiar faces playing Fortnite but Shongxbong managed to grab the No.1 spot away from RakanooLive. His ACV was 4 times higher which contributed to the great THW number though it still isn’t as high as Haman391 on Youtube.

Swimy came in at No.4 with FIFA his game of choice while 3 of the top 10 were streaming Grand Theft Auto V. Twitch only had 1 streamer in the top 10 playing PUBG Mobile last week.

This continues to demonstrate the difference between the two platforms and how Youtubers who create a big audience against their Video on Demand can pull that audience across when they choose to live stream their game sessions.

Twitch Arabic Streamers - 16th Oct 2019


Youtube and Twitch Comparison

Youtube THW Youtube ACCV Twitch THW Twitch ACCV
Week of 16th Sept 389,000 6206 395,000 2379
Week of 8th Sept 220,000 2251 272,000 1721



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Philip Wride