The past weekend saw 3 major events taking place in the region with the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals in Bahrain, the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019 in Riyadh and the Girl Gamer Festival in Dubai. The BLAST event in Bahrain had 2 Fortnite influencers in attendance with Haman391 (who we’ve mentioned a lot) and DvLZStation playing against the public and taking selfies. This made it difficult for them to create content during the weekend and may have impacted viewing figures.

PUBG Mobile still going strong on Youtube

Even with his attendance at the BLAST Pro event in Bahrain Haman391 was still able to do his usual 2-hour stream.  His figures aren’t quite as strong as normal but he still managed an ACCV of 12.5K.

Aeod1407 once again tops the list with 50K THW and as we were expecting, the official PUBG Mobile stream sits in 2nd. The 12 hours broadcast by this channel is related to the Star Challenge World Cup that was hosted in Riyadh.

A surprising addition to the list this week is at no.4 with a Bahraini streamer choosing to stream Minecraft.

Youtube Arabic Streamers - 9th Dec 2019

Fortnite and GTA5 maintain position on Twitch

RakanooLive has once again taken the top spot playing Fortnite. The THW number isn’t as high as we’ve seen in previous reports but they did stream for a few hours less.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to be a major title on Twitch with 4 of the top 10 streamers playing the game. FIFA also still has a presence in the top 10 2 months after the game launched.

One big difference this week is about the THW figures – Twitch has a higher total for THW compared with Youtube. All of the top 10 on Twitch reached at least 10,000 THW while only 5 on Youtube made it.

Twitch Arabic Streamers - 9th Dec 2019



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Philip Wride