The top Arabic streamers list received a bit of a shakeup last week. The Eid holiday will have played some part in this as most people had a week off work.

Youtube continues with PUBG but viewership drops

On Youtube PUBG Mobile continued to be the game of choice with 5 of the top 10 streamers playing. Aeod1407 maintained the top position but the number of Total Hours Watched and the Average Concurrent Viewers (ACCV) halved. We also saw Haman391 from Bahrain drop out of the top 25 and be replaced by BanderitaX. BanderitaX is normally a FIFA Youtube content creator so it was interesting to see him in the list playing Fortnite.

Riddick_Q8 from Kuwait and Uae Skills from the UAE continued as some of the top performers playing PUBG. We also saw consistency in game choice from MAZ Game (Creative Destruction) and MST83DiN (Garena Free Fire).

Top arabic streamers on Youtube - 3rd June 2019

Twitch maintains consistency and Fortnite focus

Over on Twitch the numbers were a lot closer to the previous week with RakanooLive hitting over 100,000 Total Hours Watched. Fortnite was the top streamed game by 8 out of the top 10 Twitch streamers.

SULAIMAN_iAi continued streaming PUBG Mobile and Ahmed Show, known for his Youtube channel, actively streamed FIFA19.

Top arabic streamers on Twitch - 3rd June 2019

Platform Comparison

Eid impacted the numbers on Youtube with lower Total Hours Watched (137K vs. 309K last week) but Twitch has stayed strong. The top streamers on Twitch are Twitch Partners and earn money from the platform which could explain the consistent numbers. Twitch saw 257K Total Hours Watched vs. 288K last week.

For ACCV Youtube dropped from 2.1K to 700 while Twitch maintained a healthy 1217 vs. 1134 last week. It will be interesting to see the list of top Arabic streamers and the THW/ACCV figures next week. People will be back at work and may not have as much free time to stream. If the Twitch figures remain solid while Youtube fluctuates then Brands should consider Twitch as a more reliable platform for ongoing visibility.

Once again we thank our friends at Streamhatchet for making this data accessible to us.

Philip Wride