Over the years Facebook has seen many changes including re-designs of the profile pages for the Timeline view, ways adverts are displayed, enabling brands to build Pages to promote themselves and so the list goes on. We saw an interesting stat come out of the #smlondon event last night where SocialBakers gave a presentation about Social Media and things they had seen or learned.

– In 2009, the average Facebook user “liked” 4.5 Pages and each Page posted 23 updates a month
– in 2013, the average Facebook user “likes”40+ Pages and each Page posts 36 updates a month

That’s quite a shift in how people are using Pages but with it comes a big challenge. If people are now more carefree in what they click on and how many Pages they “like” does that really help you as a business? You can build a sizeable audience but if they aren’t engaged or aren’t seeing the content you are putting on your Page then that sizeable audience doesn’t count for a lot.

There was a post on Social Media Examiner about Facebook metrics the other day and it goes through the things you should be looking at and what they mean including the difference between Organic Reach and Viral Reach. It also looks at ways to identify the best performing type of content so that you can build and adapt your content strategy accordingly. The same type of content won’t work for all audiences so you need to find the one that resonates most with yours.

What’s also piqued our interest recently is the news that Facebook may be looking to introduce #hashtags in the same way Twitter has. This could make things interesting for tracking conversations and events so we’ll be keeping an eye on that. Needless to say Facebook has, and will continue to, change the we as marketers use it and how the general masses use it. It’s then our job to stay on top of that and make the most of the situation.