Nielsen are a company specialising in sponsorship, analytics and measurement with a key focus on sports. They have expanded to cover esports and provide analysis of media value from tournaments and campaigns for brands and rights holders.



Integro are an insurance company who offer policies for event organisers such as event cancellation insurance and for brands/teams such as contractual bonus payments.


SARENA is Saudi Arabia’s leading gaming venue in Riyadh with a 2000 sqm facility that includes private gaming rooms, a stage, broadcast room and multiple gaming areas. Additional venues in Jeddah and Dammam are planned for 2019/2020.



Ebury are a currency platform that enable the easy creation of currency accounts with lower international transfer fees. Their service is great for teams regularly transferring prize payments or salaries to international players using different currencies.

Mind-Body Fusion


Mind-Body Fusion offer mental resistance training for athletes and esports players. Diet and training are only part of the equation but having the toughness to cope with a variety of challenges can mean the difference between winning and losing a championship.