In this article we look at lead generation in esports and how brands can utilise different parts of the esports ecosystem.


During recent esports conversations with a financial services company one of the objectives they mentioned was lead generation. Many brands moving into esports  are looking for brand awareness so this was a different challenge.

With the main products being credit cards, loans and mortgages the target audience is of a specific shape and size – those over 18.

Following this conversation we sat down and thought about some of the ways brands can do lead generation in esports. An important note before we begin – we aren’t digging into the specifics of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) in this article.


Sponsored tournament participant data

A lot of brands look at sponsoring tournaments to gain brand exposure. This could be either as a title sponsor or supporting sponsor to get included in the broadcasts. If you are a brand needing to generate leads, then sponsoring the biggest and most high-profile tournaments may not be answer.

Instead, think about grassroots tournaments with amateur participation. You could negotiate as part of your deal a way to gain participant data. There also needs to be consideration about the tournament platform – is it wholly-owned or 3rd party?

By this we mean – is the tournament organised by someone like FACEIT who have their own platform, or is it a tournament organiser using other platforms like Toournament, Mogul or Battlefy. If you are working with a tournament organiser using a 3rd party platform you need to understand how easy it would be to pull data from the platform. The alternative here would be whether you can change the registration flow so that you can capture participant data into a different location.

Traditional methods here are things like the “share your details with our partners” checkboxes you see on sites.


Social Media and giveaways

Social media can be a great tool for building and engaging an audience but it has one major flaw. You don’t get access to the data of who follows or interacts.

One way round this is to utilise giveaways as a mechanism to generate leads. Tools such as have regularly been used by esports teams. It enables them to set multiple “tasks” to their fans. This could be ReTweeting something on Twitter or it could be supplying contact details for extra raffle tickets in the giveaway.

Gleam App - great for giveaways

Broadcasts and extensions

Twitch is a great platform for game and tournament broadcasts because it supports Extensions. Extensions are things you can add to a channel to increase engagement like quizzes and predictors. To interact with an Extension there is normally a set of permissions a user has to agree to. This provides an opportunity to engage directly with a user and potentially generate a lead.

Consider the most relevant type of Extension to use on a channel and the data requirement/permissions from the User. Twitch has a full document library for Extensions that includes the different types of Extension and the restrictions.

Twitch Extensions

Live events

Live events can be a great way to generate leads. If sponsoring a tournament, team or activation in esports you should consider live event elements. You could negotiate to receive attendee data or have a small stand at an event to interact with attendees.

For the financial services company we spoke to this was something that caught their attention as it enabled them to combine online and offline. If they sponsored a tournament that had live finals they could potentially get multiple data sets. This could be a combination of online participant and offline event attendee data.


Data protection, privacy and legal considerations

One important point that we need to make is around data protection, privacy and legal compliance. Different jurisdictions have different requirements. For example, Europe now has GDPR as a data protection regulation. For all of the lead generation opportunities we’ve mentioned it is important to consult your legal team on the restrictions and limitations.

The aim of this article is to give you a few ideas of “where” data can come from to support lead generation objectives.


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Philip Wride