BRIEF: Intel and their agency, Universal McCann, set a brief of engaging hardcore videogamers in the UK in order to promote the Intel Core 2 Extreme set of CPUs.

OBJECTIVE: The end goal was to increase product awareness and buying intent.

YEAR: 2007


We proposed 3 online videogame tournaments running in parallel for each of the major PC videogame communities in the UK. These would be hosted by dedicated tournament partners who had an existing userbase and experience of operating tournaments. Cash prizes would be provided to each tournament winner and a selection of matches would be broadcast live over the internet for fans to spectate. The creation of a dedicated web “portal” tracking fixtures and results was also proposed along with weekly highlight reels similar to “Match of the Day”.

Intel would be the lead sponsor of the tournaments and the tournament series would be labelled the “Intel Core 2 Extreme Challenge“. Intel branding would feature on the web portal, in all live match broadcasts, the weekly highlight reels and all associated written content.


We generated over 10m viewed pages of coverage, 500,000 total visits to the tournament site and secured exposure to over 850,000 UK Gamers. Research showed that, by the end of the campaign, only 10% of those surveyed would wait for another product rather than the C2E processor.






During the three tournaments weekly highlight clips were created and released in to the community. Intel branding was prominently positioned at the beginning of each clip and throughout. The Intel blue colour scheme was maintained to further emphasise the brand association with the tournament series.