Teams have long been the mainstay of esports but we know life isn’t easy for team owners and team managers. The rise of player contracts, negotiations with league and tournament owners, player transfer sagas and the constant challenge of securing sponsorship are all part of the daily cycle involved in team management.

As esports moves closer to the mainstream and both online and TV broadcasters embrace the teams, players and tournaments that form the basis of the ecosystem teams will need to do more and be able to provide more. What do we mean by this? Gone are the days of asking for sponsorship on the back of unquantifiable appearances at events – as the big brands and broadcasters increase their presence teams will need to be able to justify every dollar asked for.

We want to help.

Having been involved in team management in the early years of esports and now coming full circle we want to offer our experience to those who are the new generation of team owners and team managers. So what can we help with?

Move you from asking for 6-figure sponsorship deals to 7-figure deals: Helping analyse and understand the nature of your fanbase because a greater understanding will enable you to position your team brand and attract the big money.

Monetisation of your fanbase: A lot of teams already focus on merchandise as a way to generate additional revenue but we want to look a little wider and see what other opportunities exist for your team.

Increase engagement: The more your fans do the more valuable they become to your brand. We provide guidance on how to increase engagement and the tools to support this.

Proposal writing and sponsorship conversations: Having been through a number of these ourselves we’re happy to provide our experience so you can beef up your presentations and pitch decks.

It is however important to tell you that we don’t act as a sponsorship agency, sorry.