Need Arabic game localisation or localised support and social media management? With 18 years’ experience in the games industry we want to help developers and publishers of all sizes. From our time working with EASPORTS, Square Enix and Disney we’ve seen console builds, worked on F2P titles and managed localisation projects. If you are looking to localise a game for the Arabic market or launch an existing English title into the region there are several areas where we can help.

Whether you are a global publisher with a fantastic track record or a fledgling development studios here are the areas where we can help.

Localisation: With offices in the Middle East we can help with Arabic game localisation and local market play-testing.

Localised Support: If you are launching a game in the Middle East and want to have localised support in Arabic we can provide resources in the correct timezone and on the ground in the region. View our Localisation Packages >

Localised Social Media: Social Media has become a key way of communicating with game communities and we can provide resources to manage your localised social media content. View our Localisation Packages >

Users: Understanding your Users and getting them to “do” more is an important part of any game ecosystem. We can help you analyse the data collected about your users, identify engagement opportunities and look at key trends.

Monetisation: From looking at the User data we can suggest opportunities for monetisation and how that can be structured.

Marketing Campaigns: We can work with you to plan and execute your marketing activities for new game launches whether influencer campaigns, paid advertising, App Store Optimisation, live event promotion or a combination of multiple activities.

Esports: We consult on the industry, the considerations for positioning a game to the esports market and how to build a tournament infrastructure from the ground up.