The world is changing and videogames have finally come to the front of the queue. Brands looking to engage the 18-30 demographic should consider how the videogames industry and esports fit into their marketing strategy long-term. One-off activations will drive initial brand awareness and sales but having the foresight to embrace this new medium will pay dividends in the long run.

Traditionally the realm of tech brands like Intel and nVidia it has only been in the past few years that non-endemic brands have begun making waves in the space and engaging with the audience everyone is clambering for.

How can we help your brand?

Guide: Putting spend against activities is only worthwhile if the numbers add up. We can help you understand the marketplace, where the opportunities are and how to effectively activate campaigns in this space.

Activate: Once the groundwork has been done we can activate those campaigns and manage to completion.

Report: Reporting is a key activity to determine the success of any campaign so we’ll compile all the stats and crunch the numbers.