One of the biggest challenges that brands come to us with is where and how to activate in esports. With different games, communities and tournament structures it can be tough to decide on the best option or approach.

Our Esports Strategy Workshop provides brands with an overview of the esports landscape before focusing on the business objectives. We’ve also created a slim version for those brands who want an understanding of esports but aren’t yet planning to invest.

Workshop 1: Introduction to Esports

Workshop 2: Esports Strategy Workshop



This is a half-day workshop that focuses on educating your internal teams about esports. It is primarily designed for marketing, product and customer support teams. It covers the following topics:

  • What is esports

  • The different types of games in esports

  • Which games are most popular

  • How esports tournaments operate

  • What esports viewership looks like

  • What other brands are doing in esports


The workshop can be conducted remotely or in-person and there is time provided for an open discussion forum for your team.

At the end of this session you will understand the basic structures involved in esports, the most popular games and how viewership works. This will enable your team to start thinking about ways to effectively position your brand in esports.

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This workshop takes place over 2 days split across 1 week. The outcome from these 2 days is a bespoke esports strategy for your brand.

The morning of Day 1 provides you with a base understanding of esports, the structures, popular games and how viewership works. The afternoon of Day 1 then focuses on your business where we drill into your objectives, how you operate as a business, important stakeholders, approval processes, timelines and operational challenges.

We then take a couple of days break and reconvene for Day 2. On Day 2 we’ll walk you through a proposed strategy based on what we’ve learned about your business. There will also be time for discussion on each of the key items. By the end of Day 2 you will have a strategy and set of action items for how your brand can activate across esports.

Day 1 Day 2
Morning Session: Morning Session:
What is esports and the different types of games Building to your objectives
Which games are the most popular Types of activations
How esports tournaments operate Proposed partners
What esports viewership looks like Key Messaging
What other brands are currently doing in esports Data and technology
Afternoon Session: Afternoon Session:
What are the objectives and budgeting processes Group Discussion
Who are the important stakeholders to consider
How someone purchases your product or service


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