Working in esports marketing you could be involved in many different types of project. Maybe you work for a brand and have responsibility for creating esports campaigns. Or for an esports team and have responsibility for creating assets and stories for brand partners and sponsors. Perhaps you have responsibility for streamers at your organisation.

This article provides a summary of 10 tools and platforms we’ve used or seen. Some of them we’ve used in projects while others we’ve had demos of from the companies themselves. Not only can these tools save you money but they can also save you time and effort when it comes to influencer identification. Other tools in the list can help with ROI and media value calculations or creating “on-brand” images and assets.

  1. Zoomph
  2. Cavea
  3. Aggero
  4. PortTack
  5. RelayThat
  6. Mailchimp
  7. Gleam
  8. Woorise
  9. Bitly
  10. Switchy


1) Zoomph (

Zoomph is one of the front-runners for influencer identification and ROI calculations. Originally focused on the sport space they moved into esports in 2019. Partnerships with teams such as the Pittsburgh Knights has enabled them to gain a greater understanding of the needs of brands and teams in the esports space.

Their main offering in esports is about measuring the media value of social media posts and related accounts. The platform video analysis and logo identification helps create a media value and this is layered with valuations from branded social media posts on Twitter.

They also have tools for monitoring audience affinity to other brands which can help identify new partnership or co-marketing opportunities.




2) Cavea (

Cavea is a new platform focused on the esports space and has similar functionality to Zoomph. It enables you to calculate media value and ROI but in a different way. For brands it enables marketers to collate the media value of multiple influencers, teams, events or streamers that you might be working with.

If you work for a team then Cavea can help with identifying sponsorship opportunities and the current value of your media activities. Creating a benchmark of media value will empower you when discussing projects and negotiating with brands.

Cavea already lists Rfresh Entertainment (Blast Premier), Astralis and North as some of the esports entities it has worked with.




3) Aggero (

Aggero is another new platform in the esports space. Where Zoomph and Cavea are about media valuations Aggero positions itself as more of an influencer identification platform. It keeps track of top influencers and their performance to help brands identify who they should be working with. This comes in the form of a matching-tool where brands can set their criteria and Aggero will select the most appropriate influencers for that campaign.

It also provides campaign optimisation and if you use it as a team or influencer it will help identify areas of improvement to make you more valuable.


4) Port Tack (

Port Tack is more of a service than a platform when compared with others in this list. However, it is a useful service in that they help identify relevant influencers. Their definition of “relevant” differs from some of the other tools and platforms. For PortTack, because they sit on top of the Affinio consumer-intelligence platform, they look at audience affinity to a particular brand rather than the activity of the influencer or social media account.

For example; Coca-Cola wants to reach Pepsi audiences so wants to identify influencers whose audience has a strong link to Pepsi even if the influencer themselves doesn’t. Port Tack will create a report of suitable influencers based on the data about the audience for that influencer.


5) RelayThat (

RelayThat is a great tool for anyone who doesn’t have an in-house creative design team. It has lots of in-built template layouts that you can change the colours of, the images used and the positions of core elements. A lot of these template have already been created at the perfect dimensions for social media posts and you can easily re-use template again and again. Once you’ve created the image you want you can save/download for posting on your social accounts.

You can also create “workspaces” where you can store created template, colour schemes and uploaded images for a brand, team, squad or event. This is perfect for brands managing their own esports marketing campaigns or organisations working on a budget and no dedicated designer.




6) Mailchimp (

Mailchimp is perfect for communicating with an audience away from social media. It enables the creation of email campaigns and you can design the look and feel of your email templates before reviewing the performance of your campaigns.

If you’ve captured email addresses as part of a giveaway, from customers on an ecommerce store or as part of an activation at a live event then mailchimp can help you build an ongoing connection with them.

Pricing is based on the number of contacts (email addresses) in your account but there are other pricing methods as well. Mailchimp also has other functionality such as automated email flows which can be useful as part of a multi-stage campaign or tournament.


7) Gleam (

Gleam has long been a tool used in esports marketing by esports teams and influencers. It enables you to create giveaways, quizzes and surveys but is most often used for the giveaway functionality. With a need to “go viral” Gleam has built some really useful sharing tools and instructions that reward participants with extra raffle/giveaway entries if they share the giveaway or take other actions such as liking a twitter account or subscribing to a Youtube channel.


8) Woorise (

Woorise is similar to Gleam in that it can be used for creating giveaways and has a slightly different functionality set. It also has a different pricing model with a free tier enabling 500 entries per month to a giveaway. This free tier also permits data export where Gleam only gives you the data of the winner. The second tier of Woorise begins to enable country selection/country restriction for your giveaways.

For basic giveaways on an entry form, data options and country restrictions Woorise is great for the price but it is slightly restricted in what it has as “viral share” functionality when compared with Gleam.


9) ( has long been used as a URL shortening tool that enables tracking of the number of clicks. This tracking also enables identification of country/location and you can keep a record of all links you’ve shortened.

Tools like are useful for creating different links to use on twitter or reddit to see how each social network drives traffic to the same overall destination.


10) Switchy (

Switchy is similar to in that you can use it to shorten links and track them. The extras bits we like about Switchy are the custom URL, ability to change the link and image of the text and the tracking pixels.

You can connect your own custom domain so that you can create links using multiple different domains if you have different projects. When creating a custom Switchy link you can also change the image associated with the link, the title of it and any descriptive text. This is great if you are using a link you don’t own (like a news story) but want to put a better title that will be displayed with the link when displayed on twitter or other social networks.

There are also options for connecting tracking pixels such as the Facebook pixel. Everyone who clicks one of the links to go to a page where you have the Facebook pixel can be tagged. By doing this you can re-target them in the future. This is very useful if you direct people to an ecommerce store and they don’t purchase. You can also use it if you send visitors to a landing page for a campaign and they don’t convert.  Re-target them on Facebook with adverts as part of the campaign and encourage them to convert. Other tracking pixels will enable you to do similar things.



Added Bonus

As a thank you for reading all the way through our Esports Marketing: 10 Tools & platforms list we wanted to give you an added bonus. A number of the tools listed on this page we use ourselves and we found them on AppSumo. AppSumo lists startups and platforms at discounted prices for limited time periods. You can buy codes and gain access for a fraction of the normal price. Some of the codes even give you lifetime access. You might find some of the tools listed can immediately help you in areas of your business.


Philip Wride