Esports for Employee Engagement is a topic we’ve seen more of over the past few months due to COVID-19. The current global situation is especially changing for those who operate physical event businesses. One of those is Corporate Sports in the UAE. They normally operate physical sports tournaments for corporate employees as part of Employee Engagement and Employee Wellbeing programs. Due to the restrictions on sports events they had to postpone a number of their planned activities. They then considered esports as a way to engage corporate employees so we helped them set up an online FIFA 20 tournament. This free tournament also acted as a qualification event for the international World Corporate Football (WCF) FIFA 20 tournament.

While preparing for the Corporate Sports FIFA 20 tournament I answered a few questions about esports as a tool for employee engagement. You can watch the short video below.


Why Esports for Employee Engagement?

As I make the comment in the video – esports is a different way to engage employees and offer an alternative to traditional sports. Your workforce will be made up of people who don’t feel comfortable participating in traditional sports. Esports is one of the alternatives and is a great way to continue building teamwork, communication and problem solving. Gaming naturally develops these skills through the mechanics of the games. Esports tournaments can also be operated remotely across offices and countries without any consideration for weather or physical venue availability.

Another consideration for esports is that there are many games that can be offered. In a large workforce this can enable variety and more people to participate. For a smaller workforce esports provides an opportunities for colleagues to come together and learn new games or learn from each other.

There are many ways to use esports for employee engagement and we’re happy to guide you through some of the opportunities with a free consultation.

Philip Wride