In-game advertising adapts to leverage growth in viewership

In-game advertising has been used by brands for a long time. Historically it always required involvement from the game developer. They would take the advertising creative and place it into the game code and release a game update.

This evolved over time so adverts could be dynamically inserted into a game and displayed to the players. This process made life easier for advertisers and brands but it was still very costly.

We’ve now reached a point where brands and advertisers have alternatives. Rather […]

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Esports Marketing: 10 Useful Tools & Platforms

Working in esports marketing you could be involved in many different types of project. Maybe you work for a brand and have responsibility for creating esports campaigns. Or for an esports team and have responsibility for creating assets and stories for brand partners and sponsors. Perhaps you have responsibility for streamers at your organisation.

This article provides a summary of 10 tools and platforms we’ve used or seen. Some of them we’ve used in projects while others we’ve had demos of from […]

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Partner Spotlight – Integro

IntegroIntegro are an insurance broker who have expanded into the world of esports over the past year. With policies for event organisers, teams and brands their objective is to provide a level of stability and support.

Some of the policies they offer include Cancellation Insurance for event organisers. This supports event organiers in case their event is cancelled. There’s also policies for Equipment Insurance and Prize Indemnity Insurance.

The teams side […]

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Esports Campaigns: Global vs. Local

Esports campaigns continue to grow in size and variety as more brands enter the space. The challenge we all face is how to support and nurture new brands into the space when brand characteristics and objectives differ.

In the past year we’ve seen more involvement from Automotive brands like Toyota and Honda. They have opted to go wider than just logo placement with an emphasis on relevant content. This is great and it makes sense for globally recognised brands. Any esports fan […]

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Lead generation in esports – 4 ways to capture data

In this article we look at lead generation in esports and how brands can utilise different parts of the esports ecosystem.


During recent esports conversations with a financial services company one of the objectives they mentioned was lead generation. Many brands moving into esports  are looking for brand awareness so this was a different challenge.

With the main products being credit cards, loans and mortgages the target audience is of a specific shape and size – those over 18.

Following this conversation we sat […]

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