Over the past year customware in esports has been on the rise with sports apparel brands expanding into the space. There have been collaborations between apparel brands and tournament organisers, esports teams and streamers.

More recently we’ve seen accessories become the latest ground for collaboration. Fnatic, one of the world’s leading esports teams, recently created a custom-designed Gucci watch. For tournament organisers we’ve seen BLAST create a custom timepiece with TW Steel.


Fnatic Gucci Watch


With Fnatic’s global footprint they were able to sell out of the 100 item limited edition collection in under 48 hours. This is a major achievement based on the price tag – around £1,100 GBP – and shows that parts of the fan audience are willing to spend big. Much like in mobile gaming the big spenders may be a small percentage of the overall audience but if you can engage them it can help the bottom line.


BLAST TW Steel Watch


No specific numbers or limited quantities have been put on the BLAST collection with TW Steel. There are 2 different designs to choose from and both speak to the CS:GO community. BLAST used CS:GO for their first tournaments so it makes sense to access that community.

This shows it is possible to create unique collaborations in the esports space. It also shows that customware in esports will eventually spread to all types of accessories.

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