Why brands should keep one eye on casual games

With large parts of the world under lockdown in 2020 all eyes turned to esports as a way for audiences to participate, for sports clubs to engage their fans and for brands to activate in a time when physical events were limited.

Fast forward to now and esports is still seeing the benefit of the increased visibility from lockdown but brands should keep an eye elsewhere.

In my previous article I raised the point (via the research from ABM) that less than half of games players class themselves as “gamers”. This means there is a large part of the audience who […]

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Gamers are not who brands think they are

Gamers are not who brands think they are. This was the title of a video presentation I recently watched as part of The Drum “Predictions 2021” virtual conference. The speaker was Jonathan Stringfield from Activision Blizzard Media who was sharing insights gained from looking at the data of players across the Activision Blizzard portfolio. This portfolio includes Overwatch, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and the King casual gaming site.

While there have been classifications and personas presented by the likes of Newzoo the ones presented by ABM were a little broader and made perfect sense. Jonathan also presented some […]

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5 reasons why Brands should consider alternatives to esports tournaments

While esports has seen growth during the pandemic the physical events space has contracted. Many operators and brands have switched to hosting online tournaments and activations. This article is aimed at brands looking to enter the esports space for the first time and explains why they should consider alternatives to tournament sponsorship.

Before I go into detail, I also want to provide some context. When I started in esports back in 2001 I was a player and team owner/team manager. I LOVED tournaments because it gave me something to practice for and an opportunity to demonstrate my skills. I also operated […]

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