Esports fan audience showing rapid growth and esports a core activity in UAE

Data from Nielsen Sport & Entertainment suggests that the fan audience of esports continues to grow at a rapid pace.

For their Esports Playbook 2019 they interviewed 1000 esports fan aged 16-49 from different countries to determine the percentage of new fans. The chart below shows the percentage of new fans within the past year.

Nielsen - Esports Fan Growth 2019

Source: Nielsen, The Esports Playbook 2019, survey samples = 1,000 esports fans aged 13-40. “Percentage […]

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Are we starting to see a shift to commercial player transfers in esports?

Players transfers between esports teams have been happening for a long time. Most top teams now include buy-out clauses in the contracts with their players as a natural part of this. In the context of this article “commercial” is related to the business value derived from a transfer and transaction. Looking at other sports and the media reports on jersey sales and merchandise we can see that the commercial value of transfers is a valid consideration.

Reports of a new team of […]

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Esports Marketing: 10 Useful Tools & Platforms

Working in esports marketing you could be involved in many different types of project. Maybe you work for a brand and have responsibility for creating esports campaigns. Or for an esports team and have responsibility for creating assets and stories for brand partners and sponsors. Perhaps you have responsibility for streamers at your organisation.

This article provides a summary of 10 tools and platforms we’ve used or seen. Some of them we’ve used in projects while others we’ve had demos of from […]

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2020 Content Changes

With the start of 2020 we welcome a new year and a new decade. Like most businesses we have been reviewing activities in 2019 and planning for 2020. This planning has lead to a few changes in our content and engagement strategy.

Arabic Streaming Summaries

Last year we started a series of snapshot summaries of the latest streaming stats from Youtube and Twitch. These summaries had a core focus on Arabic language streamers or those in the Middle East region. As we continued […]

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Middle East Year In Review – 2019

2019 has been a big year for esports in the Middle East. We’ve seen local servers, more publishers and larger events come to the region and give players a reason to keep playing. In this article we take a snapshot look at some of the key things that happened in 2019.


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