Arabic streaming is growing across Youtube and Twitch. We provide regular summaries of the top streamers and viewership thanks to our friends at Streamhatchet.

These arabic streaming summaries do comparisons between Youtube and Twitch and identify potential opportunities for brands who want to work with streamers.

Infographic – MENA Game Streaming in March 2020

As we wrote at the start of the year one of our objectives was to produce quarterly reports on the state of gaming streaming in MENA. We’re now pleased to make this report available and provide a picture of how viewership has changed during March 2020 due to COVID-19.

The report looks at comparisons between Twitch and YouTube, the game preferences for the top 10 YouTube streamers in each country and which games generated the highest levels of viewership in Q1 2020 […]

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Arabic Streaming Summary – 9th December 2019

The past weekend saw 3 major events taking place in the region with the BLAST Pro Series Global Finals in Bahrain, the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019 in Riyadh and the Girl Gamer Festival in Dubai. The BLAST event in Bahrain had 2 Fortnite influencers in attendance with Haman391 (who we’ve mentioned a lot) and DvLZStation playing against the public and taking selfies. This made it difficult for them to create content during the weekend and may have impacted […]

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Arabic Streaming Summary – 7th October 2019

Our latest Arabic streaming summary answers some key questions about viewership preferences on Youtube and Twitch. This comes following the launch of FIFA20 and as Fortnite Season 10 comes to an end.

Fortnite Season 10 squashes PUBG Mobile on Youtube

Throughout the time we’ve been creating these streaming summaries PUBG Mobile has always been a constant. However, with Fortnite Season 10 coming to an end we can see a switch in focus for the top streamers. Haman391 streamed for 3 times as long […]

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Arabic Streaming Summary – 8th September 2019

After a little break over the summer we’re back with another Arabic streaming summary. This report is for the week of 8th September.

PUBG Mobile hasn’t shifted on Youtube

Although we took a short break PUBG Mobile hasn’t. It is still the game being streamed by the majority of the top 10 streamers on Youtube.
Most of the familiar names are still in the top 10 with a few changes. Mohamed Adel is a new name and represents Egypt. For the UAE we have […]

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Arabic Streaming Summary – 22nd July 2019

Having been running these summaries for a couple of weeks it’s now possible to identify the most consistent streamers. Making the commitment to stream regularly and engage with an audience is not easy so it shows that gamers in the Middle East are starting to identify opportunities to build a reputation and a following.

PUBG reclaims bulk of Top 10 on Youtube

PUBG Mobile returned this week on Youtube with 5 of the top 10 playing and another 2 playing the PC version. […]

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