The latest update to Grand Theft Auto made a splash this week as several Fortnite streamers on Twitch switched to GTA.

PUBG still strong on Youtube but GTA makes an impact

Aeod 1407 kept the top spot this week with PUBG while Jordanian streamer NHSN Fox kept second place thanks to his 97 hours of streaming and 45K Total Hours Watched. This is fewer hours streamed but more hours watched than last week. Haman391 made the list again with his 2-hour stream and generating a healthy 21K Total Hours Watched from an ACCV of 9K.

Youtube Arabic Streamers - 8th July 2019


The biggest changes saw another GTA streamer move up the list by tripling the amount of time streaming. Drb7h moved from No.7 last week with 12K Total Hours Watched to No.3 this week with 24K Total Hours Watched. MsToLHaCkEr also increased their Total Hours Watched this week by streaming for longer.

RakanooLive returns while GTA played by 3 of the top 5

RakanooLive made a return this week and jumped to the top of the rankings with 23 hours streamed. He generated 89K Total Hours Watched with an average of 4K ACCV. FFearFul, who previously streamed Fortnite, switched to GTA and generated more Total Hours Watched with a higher ACCV. He also streamed for fewer hours than his most recent weeks playing Fortnite.
SopFix is another streamer returning to the list. In this most recent ranking they also switched Fortnite, their previous game, to GTA. They also managed to generate more Total Hours Watched and ACCV for a similar amount of time streaming.

Twitch Arabic Streamers - 8th July 2019


Youtube and Twitch Comparison

Youtube THW Youtube ACCV Twitch THW Twitch ACCV
Week of 8th July 286,000 2029 247,000 1505

Thanks to RakanooLive’s re-entry and strong figures Twitch doesn’t look too bad against Youtube this week. Haman391 continues to skew the ACCV on Youtube thanks to his 9K ACCV while GTA viewership has given Twitch a boost.

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Philip Wride