Now that the school summer break has started we’ve compiled a 2 week review from the 24th June up to the 7th July. This provides an opportunity to see whether streamers have longer airtime and whether the viewership has increased.

Aeod 1407 nearly doubles hours watched with same airtime

We highlighted Saudi Arabian streamer Aeod1407 in our Youtube streaming summary for 17th June. He continues to sit at the No.1 position with his Total Hours Watched almost doubling for the week of 24th June (75K up to 129K). The increase in Total Hours Watched was maintained for the week of 1st July.

SULAIMAN iAi also saw an increase in his Total Hours Watch number. This was partly due to an increase in the amount of time he spent streaming during the week of 24th June.

Youtube Arabic Streamers - 24th June 2019

Week of 24th June

Youtube Arabic Streamers - 1st July 2019

Week of 1st July

For Haman391, this is the first time he has been in the top 10 list for 2 consecutive weeks. Each week he managed to post 20K+Total Hours Watched with an ACCV of 10K+. He only streamed for 2 hours per week so there is definitely room for viewership growth and monetisation. His 1.3M Youtube subscribers are helping boost the numbers as he has an audience he can immediately access.

Fortnite beginning to crumble on Twitch

Fortnite continues to be the most played game in the top 10 on Twitch but other games are creeping in. In the past 2 weeks we’ve seen more FIFA 19, the new Teamfight Tactics title from Riot and even some GTA and World of Warcraft.

FFearFFul took the No.1 spot for both weeks with 32K and 20K Total Hours Watched. He didn’t stream as much during the week of 1st July. If he had streamed for the same amount of time for both week his Total Hours Watched may have been more than the week of 24th June.

Twitch Arabic Streamers - 24th June 2019

Week of 24th June

Twitch Arabic Streamers - 1st July 2019

Week of 1st July

ShongxBong slipped a bit in the past 2 weeks with a total of 18 hours streamed across Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto. Ahmed Show is in the top 10 list again though he switched it up and played both Fortnite and FIFA.

Youtube and Twitch Comparison

Youtube gains an extra 100K Total Hours Watched thanks to Aeod1407 while Haman391 having such a high ACCV skews those numbers in favour of Youtube.

Youtube Total Hours Watched Youtube ACCV Twitch Total Hours Watched Twitch ACCV
Week of 24th June 329,000 2514 161,000 626
Week of 1st July 259,000 2399 119,000 621


If Haman391 can now maintain his streaming schedule over the summer months he becomes a more appealing options for Brands. We do see some consistency on Twitch and the Fortnite streamers so this is definitely an opportunity for Brands. The reason for this is because Twitch enables 4 camera views to be displayed on a single stream (quad cast). Using this functionality 4 streamers could all be playing against each other, streaming for their respective audiences and displaying Brand messaging at the same time.

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Philip Wride