Having been running these summaries for a couple of weeks it’s now possible to identify the most consistent streamers. Making the commitment to stream regularly and engage with an audience is not easy so it shows that gamers in the Middle East are starting to identify opportunities to build a reputation and a following.

PUBG reclaims bulk of Top 10 on Youtube

PUBG Mobile returned this week on Youtube with 5 of the top 10 playing and another 2 playing the PC version. Streamers playing Fortnite took the other 3 spots in the top 10. From increasing the total hours streamed in the previous week MsToLHaCkEr dropped dramatically last week. They went down to just under 6 hours streamed and their THW slumped because of it. However, they were able to generate roughly the same ACCV which means they’ve got a good connection with their audience.

Youtube Arabic Streamers - 22nd July 2019

Haman 391 once again had the highest ACCV and if they streamed more often they could easily hit the top of the ranking. The PUBG Mobile MENA account made it to No.3 this week as it streamed the PUBG Club Open World Finals that was happening in Berlin.

Fortnite World Cup boosts Twitch viewership

Last weekend saw the first Fortnite World Cup take place and top Twitch streamer RakanooLive cashed in on this. While they weren’t competing in the finals in the USA they did re-broadcast and layer over their own commentary. This helped them double their ACCV and THW from the week before and hit a great Peak Viewership of 21K.

FFearFFul, Shongxbong, themythic_, i6rba5_x and drb7h are familiar faces in the rankings again this week.

Twitch Arabic Streamers - 22nd July 2019

Youtube and Twitch Comparison

Youtube THW Youtube ACCV Twitch THW Twitch ACCV
Week of 15th July 348,000 3109 218,000 1456
Week of 22nd July 291,000 (-16%) 2383 323,000 (+48%) 1683


RakanooLive’s impressive figures helped Twitch generate more Total Hours Watched than Youtube last week.

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Philip Wride