This week PUBG Mobile continued to dominate the streaming on Youtube while Fortnite did the same on Twitch.

Aeod 1407 has established Youtube dominance

Saudi Arabian streamer Aeod 1407 claims the No.1 spot for the 4th week based on the Total Hours Watched for the stream. While the Total Hours Watched is slightly lower than last week they did stream for fewer hours. On the positive side, the ACCV did increase this week.

Top Youtube Arabic Streamers - 17th June 2019

SULAIMAN iAi returned to the list and he also saw impressive ACCV across the 7 hours that he streamed with an ACCV of 2,400. Haman 391 and BanderitaX didn’t stream this week so Aeod 1407 is the main streamer contributing all the big numbers. His consistency in Total Hours Watched, ACCV and the number of hours streamed makes him a good choice for brands.

Overwatch stream jumps to No.1 on Twitch

Shongxbong had another strong week in the absence of RakanooLive with 27K Total Hours Watched and an ACCV of 2K. Even with these figures he still sat in second place with Delialpi85 jumping straight to the top of the list streaming Overwatch. Overwatch has a strong community in the region (500K+ players) so it is no surprise the stream was able to generate an ACCV of 6.3K.

Top Twitch Arabic Streamers - 17th June 2019

The rest of the top 10 list continues to mostly Fortnite with a few exceptions. Ahmed_Show is there again with FIFA19 but he did stream fewer hours this week.

Looking ahead to the summer

With the school year about to end it will be interesting to see over the next month how these figures change. Will any of the top streamers go away on vacation or will they spend more time streaming? Will there be a boost in viewing figures as school age viewers have more time available?

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Philip Wride