Fortnite and PUBG Mobile reclaim the majority of the ranking positions this week but we see a change of focus on Youtube.

Youtube has more Fortnite streamers than PUBG

Looking through the top 10 and a longer list of streamers on Youtube this week was definitely a week for Fortnite. 6 of the top 10 streamers were playing Fortnite with the other 4 playing PUBG.
The usual suspects are there with Aeod 1407 topping the list playing PUBG while Haman391 is there playing Fortnite. Haman391 has improved his ACCV from last week and moved closer to 12K ACCV compared with 9K last week.

MsToLHaCkEr added another 8 hours of streaming time to total 38 hours streamed last week. This increase had a big impact on their Total Hours Watched across the week. The total rose to 63K Total Hours Watched against 33K last week.

Another big Youtuber hit the list last week with iPiiLz from Saudi Arabia seeing an ACCV of 7K from their 2.9M subscribers. Like Haman391, they didn’t stream for very long but the overall size of their existing audience meant they were able to generate some strong numbers.

Youtube Arabic Streamers - 15th July 2019

Twitch streamers returns to Fortnite

The spike we saw last week for GTA has subsided with Fortnite played by 7 of the top 10 last week. Shongxbong and FFearFFul were the two main streamers who switched back across while RakanooLive still sits at No.1.

Making the switch back to Fortnite saw Shongxbong actually improve the Total Hours Watched compared against the time with GTA last week. Elsewhere in the list drb7h continued with GTA and MrFaroshyy streamed a total of 88 hours of GTA to sit 4th in the ranking.

Twitch Arabic Streamers - 15th July 2019

Youtube and Twitch Comparison

Youtube THW Youtube ACCV Twitch THW Twitch ACCV
Week of 8th July 286,000 2029 247,000 1505
Week of 15th July 348,000 (+22%) 3109 218,000 (-11%) 1456

Aeod 1407 continues to be the difference between the two platforms with their 153K Total Hours Watched being up from the previous week. Removing this set of stats would actually put Youtube as having a lower THW against Twitch.

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Philip Wride