Viewership for the top Arabic Youtube streamers has seen further changes this week with re-entries, new names and a slide in viewership numbers. On Twitch the top streamer for the past two weeks didn’t stream

Youtube viewership stays low with reduced focus on PUBG Mobile

Streamer aeod 1407 continues as the No.1 of the top Arabic Youtube streamers for the 3rd week in a row with 88K Total Hours Watched from his 45 hours of streaming during the week. This is more Hours Watched than last week but about 50K short of his success during the week for the 29th May. A closer look at his figures suggest this is due to a lower ACCV which hit 3.8K for the week of 29th May but only reached 1.8K this week.

Top Arabic Youtube Streamers - June 10th 2019

Haman391 re-entered the top 10 list and had the highest ACCV at 7.8K even though he streamed for under 2 hours. FIFA Youtuber BanderitaX played more Fortnite this week and ranks at No.3 thanks to the 162 hours of streaming he did.

We can also see some new games and streamers enter the list with Rust and Rocket League present thanks to alkaaser and iiocMz. Streamers from Saudi Arabia continue to dominate the list with 6 out of the top 10 streamers.

Twitch numbers fall but Fortnite still game of choice

The Twitch numbers were great last week but they have seen a tumble this week with several of the top streamers missing. RakanooLive who boasted 100K Total Hours Watched last week isn’t in the top 25 and this has caused a big dent in the Twitch numbers.

Top Arabic Twitch Streamers - June 10th 2019

The top Twitch streamer this week is Shongxbong with 22K Total Hours Watched and an ACCV of 1.7K. They climbed from No.6 on the top 10 last week. Themythic_ moved up from No.3 last week to No.2 this week with roughly the same number of Total Hours Watched. ixxYjYxxi and FFearFFul also continued to be present this week but they both streamed for fewer hours.

We also saw 2 of the top 10 playing FIFA19 with Ahmed Show, another notable Youtuber, totalling 15K Total Hours Watched.

How they compare – Youtube vs. Twitch

This week has seen a reversal from last week with the Youtube stats being more impressive than Twitch. This is largely due to several key streamers missing from the list such as RakanooLive on Twitch.

Streamers on Youtube generated 144K Total Hours Watched which is close to the figures for last week (137K Total Hours Watched). For the ACCV we saw 1,549 this week compared with 700 last week but this has been skewed by the return of Haman391. Without his stats the ACCV would be 848.

Twitch saw 122K Total Hours Watched with an ACCV of 1034.

Although the figures look pretty similar Twitch has a more even spread of the stats. Only 4 Youtubers in the top 10 list generated more than 6K Total Hours Watched. For Twitch all 10 of the top 10 generated more than 6K Total Hours Watched.

Considerations for Brands and Streamers

If you work for a Brand it is important to know the stats of the streamers you choose to work with. It is also important to understand how frequently the streamers will be streaming. Working with streamers on a time limited campaign, a product launch or key story will require availability.

Streamers like Haman391 are a good option if you want to reach as many people as possible thanks to the high ACCV. If however, you want brand presentation over a period of time then streamers who stream for more hours and are consistent will be the better option.

If you are a streamer you need to provide this transparency to your partners – what days and times will you be streaming? When are you going on vacation? Is there anything that would stop you from consistently streaming?

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