Arabic streaming is a battleground for both Twitch and Youtube as they continue to go head-to-head in attracting streamers and viewers. Elsewhere in the world Twitch has gained a formidable lead but in the Middle East Youtube is king. This is largely due to the ease of access to on-demand content provided by Youtube with users able to freely scroll to the next video.

In the rest of this article we take a snapshot look at the top streamers and stats from the past week: May 27th – June 2nd 2019.

PUBG Mobile on Youtube, Fortnite on Twitch

Doing a direct comparison between the two platforms we continue to see PUBG Mobile as the most streamed and viewed game on Youtube. Fortnite is the winner on Twitch with only one streamer in the top 10 playing something different last week.

Arabic Streaming - Top Youtubers 29th May 2019
Top Arabic Youtube Streamers

Arabic Streaming - Top Twitch Streamers 29th May 2019
Top Arabic Twitch Streamers

On Youtube Haman391 from Bahrain stands apart from the rest – playing Fortnite and having the highest Peak Concurrent Viewers. The high number of subscribers is definitely contributing to this as they can be alerted when he starts streaming. Only one streamer is actively streaming on both platforms – SULAIMAN iAi. This is improving his value to brands and sponsors as he is able to reach two audiences at the same time.

When directly comparing Total Hours Watched and Average Concurrent Viewers (ACCV) Youtube and Twitch are actually reasonably close. Youtube has a total of 335K hours watched (309K excluding Haman391) against Twitch’s 288K. For ACCV Youtube has 2,110 viewers after excluding Haman391 and Twitch has 1,124 viewers.

Looking at the channels in a bit more depth – on Youtube Haman391 only broadcast for a total of 2 hours and 50 minutes across the whole week while someone like aeod1407 streamed on Youtube for over 35 hours.

Brands should consider this when looking at which streamers to work with. Some offer one short streaming session to lots of viewers while others offer sustained visibility/activations over a longer period.

Thanks to our friends at StreamHatchet we’ll be providing regular stats updates for Arabic streaming across the region as we analyse the data they’ve collated in their platform.

Philip Wride