FIFA Esports has changed a lot over the past few years where the FIFA Interactive World Cup has evolved into the Global Series and FIFA eWorld Cup.

This article provides an overview of the current Global Series structure. It details the in-game aspects, the international tournaments and the route to becoming eWorld Cup Champion.

FIFA 19 Global Series Structure

FIFA 19 Global Series

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in-game structure

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is a mode inside the FIFA game where players attempt to build the best squad. They build their squad by collecting player cards and items much like sticker books and stickers growing up at school.

Once a squad has been built players are able to compete against each using the normal FIFA game mechanics. They earn points for a leaderboard and based on their performance the top players gain access to a special weekend league. This is where the best players gain recognition and better rewards.

Regular strong performance in the weekend leagues opens the opportunity to be invited to FUT Champions Cups.

FUT Champions Cups

Every month between November and April a FUT Champions Cup takes place as a live physical event somewhere around the world. The top players on both Xbox and PlayStation are invited to compete. The respective winners of the Xbox and PlayStation divisions will then go head-to-head in a cross-platform final to determine the overall winner.

These FUT Champions Cups award points towards qualification for the FIFA eWorld Cup. Better performance and final ranking will award more points.

3rd Party Live Events (Licensed Qualifiers)


The FIFA Global Series also has a series of live events hosted by 3rd party organisers that award points towards the FIFA eWorld Cup. 3rd Party Live Events don’t award as many points as a FUT Champions Cup. They are a great opportunity for players to earn points and cash prizes as they aim for qualification to the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Official Leagues

A number of global football leagues have created a virtual FIFA equivalent with the traditional football clubs competing. These official leagues also award points towards the FIFA eWorld Cup qualification. The number of points awarded is based on a sliding scale of competitiveness of the physical league and partnership with EA SPORTS. Examples of official leagues include the Premier League, eMLS, eBundesliga and eLigue 1.


Other FIFA Global Series Events

There are several other events that make up the Global Series calendar. These include the FIFA eNations Cup where national football federations select their representatives and go head-to-head and the Champions Cup, tournaments for FIFA Online 4 in Far East Asia. The FIFA eClub World Cup is a tournament where clubs register an Xbox and a PlayStation player and the aggregate scores determine the winner of a match.


Global Series Play-Offs

Once the qualifying events have been completed throughout the season the Global Series Play-offs take the 60 best players from each console (plus 4 from FIFA Online 4). They play a standard tournament format over a weekend to allocate the final points available for the FIFA esports season. After the play-offs have been completed the top ranked 16 players on each console from the overall leaderboard are invited to the FIFA eWorld Cup.

FIFA 19 eWorld Cup Final

FIFA eWorld Cup

The pinnacle of FIFA esports competition and the way to be crowned World Champion. The top 16 players on each console are invited based on the rankings from the season-long leaderboard. The Grand Final is played as a double-header between the winner of the Xbox Division and the winner of the PlayStation Division.


Philip Wride