With the start of 2020 we welcome a new year and a new decade. Like most businesses we have been reviewing activities in 2019 and planning for 2020. This planning has lead to a few changes in our content and engagement strategy.

Arabic Streaming Summaries

Last year we started a series of snapshot summaries of the latest streaming stats from Youtube and Twitch. These summaries had a core focus on Arabic language streamers or those in the Middle East region. As we continued to write these summaries we noticed that the same streamers and same games were being represented with little change. Due to this we will be switching to a quarterly report that will provide more detail about individual countries.

We believe this will enable brands to more easily identify streamers in their respective key markets. It will also enable us to provide country comparisons and growth-over-time measurements. Our belief is that these quarterly reports will be more valuable than the summaries we previously created.


Email Newsletters

Another change is to the email newsletters. Last year they were infrequent and we feel they didn’t provide the value that they should have done. Moving forward we will be sending monthly newsletters that will be slightly longer but be packed with more useful content, opinions and links to interesting stories we’ve seen around the web. Our hope is that this updated frequency and content will keep you informed without bombarding you.


Blog Content

We will be continuing to write blog content with the objective of educating, guiding and supporting anyone interested in esports. Some of this will be marketing focused, some event focused and some will be opinion pieces.

So here’s to a great 2020, we wish you the best on your esports journey!

Philip Wride